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Updated website

If you’ve visited this site before, you’ll notice a change of theme. The time has come to make some changes; the old VLE site is about to disappear, and the best bits have been placed in menus here.

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The question of reality

I’m not such a fan of ‘pretending’ any more. The style of naturalism in performance, that prevails particularly on TV is ultimately deceitful, in that it cloaks its own artifice. While it’s clever, and enjoyable in its way to lose yourself as an audience member in the piece, I often feel a little disconnected somehow, however stunning the performance.

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Cartoon style strongman

Can theatres survive despite cuts to the arts?

This article is written by Ashley Curtis, brand journalist, on behalf of Stagecoach Theatre Arts School. You’d be forgiven for thinking regional theatre is at…

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Stage management waiting for cue

Are Stage Managers Artists?

In Defense of Stage Managers; by Al Franklin – December 2012 issue of Equity News (USA) This article was reproduced on Tumblr, with the additional editorial explanation:…

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